Mini Library Development

It is a Pascal library with some PHP source code and projects. Our target is keeping it mini for using it in small projects, but it blows in our face and comes with many classes, controls and functions, maybe we have to name it ManyLib instead of MiniLib ;-)


In fact minilib started in the year 2000 with only MiniSocket with very simple Web Server, uploaded to sourceforge at 2007 when started MiniXML, registering “minilib” cost 3 weeks while it is needed just 3 days at I think it is being abandoned project I took over it.

The idea behind creating minilib it was I wanted to move all my library that I used in my commercial projects to use FreePascal, so I moved it slowly step by step or lib by lib, it is a step to work on Lazarus.



minilib usually used in Delphi/FreePascal, so it is compatible with Delphi 7 or FreePascal 2.4 except PHP directory or Lazarus directory, the last one Lazarus is only compiled with FreePascal 2.4 or last release of it, and Lazarus with last source in the subversion repository.

There is no version for minilib, use it directly from the last update of the source.


You can download the source from or by using Subversion .

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